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Our Mission

The Methow Watershed Council actively assists in managing water supplies for a sustainable balance between human and ecological needs. The Council endorses the development of voluntary strategies for optimizing water use and provides ongoing community outreach and education on valley-specific water issues.

Our Priorities

  • Water for our Rivers: Sufficient instream flow to restore and sustain aquatic species

  • Water for our Farms: To ensure sustainable agriculture

  • Water for People: Sufficient water supplies for vibrant towns and thoughtful rural development

See our 2023 Work Plan HERE

Our Watershed

The Methow River Basin (WRIA 48) is located in Okanogan County in north central Washington. The Methow River occupies a deep valley draining the eastern slope of the north Cascade Mountains.Tributaries to the Methow River include Lost, Chewuch, and Twisp Rivers, Early Winters Creek and numerous smaller streams. 

Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month. Meetings are held remotely at this time.

Please read your newsletter for meeting details.

The public is always welcome!

See links below for the agenda or meeting minutes.

Welcome to the Methow Watershed Council






Thursday April 20, 2023


Public can join this meeting

with Zoom. ​Online meeting link published in the Agenda and e-news.


March 16, 2023

 February 16, 2023 

January 19, 2023

Latest News


  • TWO NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS, WELCOME    George Schneider, Position 3, and Lorah Super, Position 4. Thanks for volunteering! 

  • The MWC's 2023 Strategic Work Pan addresses water for housing needs,  drought planning, continuing community education, and advising on water banking. Read the plan.

  • The MWC is supporting efforts to extend the funding proviso created by the state legislature last year. If you are a water right holder interested in water banking, contact the Conservation District today! 

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