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Methow Watershed Council and Staff

Legislation that enabled creation of the Council can be found in the Library.

Positions 1-6 of the Methow Watershed Council apply to and are voted on by the Council. The three initiating governments - the Town of Twisp, the Town of Winthrop, and Okanogan County - approve those elections  The all volunteer Council is comprised of nine residents of Okanogan County.  For complete information regarding the appointment process, membership structure, and organization of the Methow Watershed Council, please email our Administrator.

Andy Hover - Vice Chair

Position #9 - Okanogan County

Andy currently serves District #2 on the Okanogan County Board of Commissioners

Soo and Alyssa
Position 1 (Upper Methow, defined by addresses north of township line 35N, is currently open until filled. To apply, send a letter of interest.
Mike Fort

Position #2 - At Large

Mike Fort was a Smokejumper with Intercity airport from 1961 to 1967.  He graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1967.  He worked internationally in Civil Engineering from 1968 to 1990 and returned to the Methow Valley in 1989.

Greg and Mike
George Schneider.jpg
George Schneider

Position #3 - Middle Methow

With over 40 years as a water and land resource professional, and a deep understanding of policy and technical issues, George wants to bring creative and collaborative problem solving to the issues addressed by the Council.

Lorah Super.jpg
Lorah Super

Position #4 - At Large

Lorah's formal education and training is in Natural Resource Policy and Facilitation/Dispute Resolution. She works with MVCC and the Conservation District, and wants to benefit the Council’s effectiveness at finding solutions and engaging the public in meaningful participation in water resources planning in WRIA 48 for a multitude of beneficiaries.

on the watershed council opened up he jumped at the chance to join. Tt is a great chance to expand knowledge of water law and to represent the lower valley's interest.

Position #5 - Lower Methow

Bill lives in McFarland Creek on a small farm with his partner Katie Haven. He is a Licensed Land Surveyor and has been working in the Methow Valley for twenty years to support his hobby farm habit. He feels lucky to have adjudicated water rights on McFarland Creek, and when a position

William R. Tackman
D Asia_edited.jpg
David Asia

Position #6 - At Large

David Asia is a retired mental health/substance abuse professional and school counselor (with
about 18 years as the K-8 counselor in the Methow). He moved to the valley in 1978. Until recently, he was the secretary for Twisp Valley Power and Irrigation Company. He lives up Twisp River with his wife, Debbie.

Jacob Gates

Position #7 - Town of Winthrop

Jacob is the representative to the Council for the Town of Winthrop, and currently works as Winthrop's Public Works Superintendent

Alternate: Seth Miles
Hans an Sarah
Hans (1).jpg
Hans Smith

Position #8 - Town of Twisp

Hans represents the Town of Twisp on the Council and currently serves as Mayor of Twisp

Alternate: Tim Matsui
Sarah Lane.jpg
Sarah Lane- Administrator

Sarah performs administrative tasks for the Council and Foundation and supports the Council Committees. She enjoys the process of working on water issues that are critical to life in the Methow for wildlife, people and our livilihoods.

Andy and Sarah
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