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Water 2066

NEW! MWF member Craig McDonald analyzed to results of our study and put it into this easy to understand slideshow.

Click here to see it. 

The Methow Watershed Council (MWC) held three Community Workshops, and met with several agency, Tribal and governmental water stakeholders to learn from the community what is desired for the future of water in the Methow Valley. Click HERE to see the Water 2066 Final Report, published July 2020.


Appendix I, Appendix 2 Community Survey, Appendix III Water Priority -Response Detail, Appendix IV_Land Use Question 7, Appendix V - Detailed Storage Responses, Appendix VI - Interested Party Notes

Watch the video below for more information about the Council, water law basics, and this project.

Things to think about....

  • Do you know how much water you and your family use? Do you know how to find out how much?

  • Do you know the law governing our Watershed, WRIA 48? Click here to learn.

  • How much water do fish need? How about crops? Businesses? Towns?

  • How will climate change affect our valley?


Water 2066: A Vision for the Methow.

How do we see our valley fifty years from now? How do we envision the future of agriculture? Tourist services? Growth? How do we proceed and honor our commitments to fish and wildlife?


All of these things depend on clean, available water. Water use and water rights continue to be a difficult subject to discuss, and often result in litigation if the opposing sides cannot find middle ground. The Methow Watershed Council's project, Water 2066: A Vision for the Methow Project is an effort step back from the current water use disputes and plan for the future.


The goal of this research is for community members to tell MWC about their long-term vision for water use and management in the Methow Valley.  The results of this community visioning exercise will be provided to governments, regulatory agencies, sovereign tribes, and NGOs to inform water management plans and actions by those entities charged with that task.


Objectives of the project:

  1. Identify specific areas where community members agree and disagree about the water supply vision for the Methow Valley going forward;

  2. Identify pathways to reconcile disagreements within the community and stakeholders;

  3. Identify significant challenges to implementing each shared value;

  4. Determine the next steps needed.

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