Methow Watershed Foundation

The Methow Watershed Foundation is a 501©(3) non-profit organization formed

to raise funds to support the work of the Methow Watershed Council.

Mission Statement: to generate and provide funds and resources for community awareness and education,

and implementation of the Methow Basin Watershed Plan and Detailed Implementation Plan

as directed by the Methow Watershed Council.

The Board meets monthly and reports to the Council

at its monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month.


The current members of the board are:

Greg Knott - Chair,
MWC Position #1

Greg is retired from a 27 year career with the U.S. Forest Service and 8 years as the Methow Subbasin Liaison for the Bureau of Reclamation.  He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Oceanography from the University of Washington.

Wyatt Southworth -
Vice Chair

Wyatt has a history of 10 years as and expeditionary educator for Outward Bound and he is currently a carpenter for Blackcap Construction and volunteers for Aero Methow as an EMT

Mike Fort - Treasurer,
MWC Position #2

Mike Fort was a Smokejumper with Intercity airport from 1961 to 1967.  He graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1967.  He worked internationally in Civil Engineering from 1968 to 1990 and returned to the Methow Valley in 1989.

Dick Evans - Board Member

Dick’s career includes work as a NOAA Fishery Oceanographer, an Engineer for the U.S. Navy and SAIC, and as a Captain for the U.S. Naval Reserve. Currently, Dick serves a firefighter in Okanogan County District #6 and as the Treasurer for both the Winthrop Kiwanis and the Methow Watershed Foundation.

JB Huyett - Board Member

JB has a background in environmental disaster response. He provided cartographic skills and scientific data management during major oil spills and hurricane cleanup. He and his wife Baylie moved back to the Methow Valley in 2018. They have a one year old son named Arlo and a dog named Blue. JB works for Monark construction.

Ashley Thrasher - Board Member, MWC Chair

Ashley Thrasher currently serves as Chair of the Methow Watershed Council.

Steve Ralph - Board Member

Steve is a retired ecologist whose work focused on water issues in rivers throughout the Western US and Alaska including fish habitat protection, water quantity and quality associated with industrial scale logging, hydropower development, irrigation withdrawals, shoreline development, gravel mining, instream flow allocation and water rights.

Alyssa Jumars - Board Member

Alyssa has been farming for nearly 15 years. My husband and I now own and operate a 10-acre organic berry farm in Carlton, at the base of McClure Mountain. She also works for the Methow Conservancy



Craig McDonald -  Board Member

Craig is a retired chemical engineer with a M.S. from WSU. He retired from Dow in July 2014 with over 26 years of service. He now resides in the Methow Valley enjoying hiking, biking and other recreational activities.and bios coming soon

Grants Awarded to Date:
  • The Community Foundation of North Central Washington - Awarded the Foundation $5,000 in 2020, for Water Collaboration for a Resilient Methow. These funds will enhance collaboration with our community, individuals and nonprofits, regarding water availability, allocation and conservation. Funding will support participation in Resilient Methow; assist with water planning and data gathering projects and support new administrative needs.

  • Give Methow - Community Foundation of NCW Giving Campaign  - The Give Methow campaign raised $4555.24 in Fall 2019 to support a Leader for Water. Funds will help us in our work to develop a lead staff position for the Foundation/ Council (primarily grant writing) and for admin support currently related to increased MWC participation in community education and projects.

  • The Moccasin Lake Foundation - Awarded the Watershed Foundation $4,000 in 2019 to support the Council's outreach and education efforts as well as administrative support for the Council and Foundation.

  • Department of Ecology - Granted the Foundation $45,000 in 2019 for the "Water 2066: A Vision for the Methow. This project develops a community-based, long-term vision for the Methow Valley's water issues. Data will be gathered at Community workshops and several water Interested Party (governmental agencies, sovereign tribes, and NGOs) meetings. Results will be compiled in a detailed report, including shared vision, barriers and next steps to implementation. The report will be shared to inform water management plans and actions.

  • Department of Ecology - Granted the Foundation an additional $8835 from fund repurposed from a previous project for our Metering project.

  • The Community Foundation of North Central Washington - Awarded the Foundation $2,000 in 2019, the focus of the work has changed to developing an online contact system and newsletter to keep interested parties informed and up to date about the work of the Council.

  • Department of Ecology - Granted the Foundation $45,000 in 2018 for the "Estimating Water Use by Exempt Wells in the Methow River Basin" project.  This project will develop an approach and work plan to field verify previous estimates of water right permit-exempt well uses and allocation of the reservation established under the 1976 Methow Instream Flow Rule (WAC 173-548).  This work plan will build on existing studies to quantify total and consumptive use in WRIA 48 and updates current allocation of the reservation to support Okanogan County's determinations of water availability in compliance with the State Water Code.

  • The Community Foundation of North Central Washington - Awarded the Foundation $3,000 in 2018 to support ongoing public education and outreach efforts by the MWC.  This funding will help with costs associated with maintaining this website as well as bringing public presentations on various water topics to the Methow Valley communities.

  • The Moccasin Lake Foundation - Awarded the Watershed Foundation $4,000 in 2018 to support the Council's outreach and education program.  This money will help support three Community Water Discussions in the spring as well as a series of subject matter expert presentation in the fall.

  • Department of Ecology - Granted the Foundation $111,500 in 2017 to support the Council’s work on a project to help Wolf Creek Reclamation District improve efficiency and operation of their irrigation system and to deliver water to the Twin Lakes Aquifer to provide mitigation water for new rights for the towns of Winthrop and Twisp. Read more about the project here.

  • The Community Foundation of North Central Washington - Awarded the Foundation $3,600 in 2017 to fund a part-time administrative assistant for the Watershed Council and the Foundation. The work of the administrative assistant has already made a big difference in the Council’s ability to work more effectively.

  • The Moccasin Lake Foundation - Awarded the Watershed Foundation $4,000 in 2017 to support the Council’s outreach and education program. This money will allow the Council to hold three Community Water Discussions in the fall and bring in water experts for a 4-part series of talks in the fall and winter.

Last updated January 19, 2021

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