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Methow Watershed Plan

The Council was originally formed to prepare a plan for managing the Methow Valley's water. That plan was completed and adopted by Okanogan County in 2005.

The FINAL DETAILED IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: Methow River Basin (WRIA 48) was approved in 2009.


Figure 1:   Methow Basin Overview and Sub-Basin Boundaries

Figure 2:   Long Term Streamflow at Pateros

Figure 3:   Groundwater Flow Path Schematic

Figure 4a:  Methow Basin Aquifer Recharge Areas

Figure 4b:  Methow Basin Aquifer Recharge Areas

Figure 5a:  Methow Basin Land Cover

Figure 5b:  Methow Basin Land Use

Figure 6:   Use Categories and Proposed Allocation for Future Development

Planning and Reference Documents

  • CH2M-Hill. Analysis of Hydro-geologic Data Related to Water Supply and Land Disposal of Domestic Effluent, Early Winters Valley near Mazama, WA . 1976.

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